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Mar 26, 2018

I am loving the .NET Design Pattern Framework

I am loving the .NET Design Pattern Framework.   I had read the "Head First Design Patterns first, so it is wonderful receiving the C# source code for that.  It makes the java centric book less abstract.  The "Head First" book is amazing.   And I am enjoying the variety of examples written for each Gang of Four pattern.   The article on Design patterns in .NET was very interesting.  It makes me feel "more rounded".   I have not even gotten to the sample applications yet.

I really enjoy having so much code to sort through.  My way of learning is to learn it by reading, and then try re-writing the examples from scratch from my head.  You pick up a lot of extra details that way.  When you hit a hard spot, you can look at the provided source code, and it is like having an experienced teacher looking over your shoulder, who makes you sweat a bit, but does not let you be stuck on a nit for a week, which is what happens when you learn completely by yourself.

.NET Design Pattern Framework is a great product.
   Thank you
          Now, back to rummaging through this code,
                Rick Beall