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May 24, 2017

Visual Studio Community Edition

Hi guys,
Are there any issues using your .NET Design Pattern Framework within Visual Studio Community Edition?

Thanks in advance.


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May 25, 2017
Our products work with all editions of Visual Studio (Community, Pro, and Enterprise).  
Hope this helps. 
Sure, it helps a lot! I am going to purchase the framework within next week :) Thanks, Jan --- Jan Kacina  May 26, 2017
For me, the MVC and WebForms projects Patterns in Action solution in .Net Design Patterns Framework 4.5 C# is not opening in Visual Studio 2017 (Community and Professional editions). The error is Project is incompatible with current edition i.e., VS 2017. Patterns in Action solution does open up fine in VS 2015 Professional though. --- Kashif Awan  Jun 08, 2017