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Jul 29, 2016

is there an order to learn Desgin Patterns?


I'm new in Desgin Patterns, and I dont know how to start. is there an order to learn? I try to learn with the first one in the list (Abstract factory) but its complicated for me then I try with Singleton and I think I understand that one. I dont know, can you recommend an order please?


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Aug 09, 2016
I recommend starting with the Strategy pattern.  It was the first pattern I learned, and actually learned it from this site years ago.  It is, IMO, the most fundamental of patterns.  I would recommend going in this order:

1.  Strategy
2.  Factory Method
3.  Abstract Factory
4.  Chain of Command
5.  Decorator
6.  Builder

After those, there are some very useful small patterns:
1.  Adapter
2.  Singleton

Above all, my favorite (arguable) pattern / construct is the Rules Engine pattern.  It's sole purpose is to eliminate those forever-scrolling long blocks of if else if if if else if if else hell.  
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Thanks Jonathan for your answer, I'll do it,. I'm checking strategy pattern and I think I understand it. Thanks so much! --- Alberto Chargoy  Nov 08, 2016