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May 22, 2016

Links in Art Shop app broken when switching to local IIS from IIS Express

Links in Art Shop app are broken when switching to local IIS from IIS Express. Most of them give 404 errors. The links seem to be hard coded based on the root website of IIS. 

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May 23, 2016
Hello Abdu:  We have not heard this before. There are no hard-coded links, they are relative to the site's root.  
Could it be that your deployment to IIS is misaligned folder-wise?

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When you switch to Local IIS in VS, it creates a virtual folder called 'http://localhost/1.Art.Web'. The links in the app are based on "/". The Home link is "/" which points to localhost instead of http://localhost/1.Art.Web. The app scheme will work if the app resides in its own website in IIS. Usually app links are relative from the app's root folder instead of the site's root folder. The app can reside anywhere in IIS. --- Abdu Bukres  May 24, 2016