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Jul 20, 2015

Future Javascript patterns release?

I really enjoyed your Javascript patterns package, very helpful and informative.  Just like your .Net one, money *very well* spent.

Are there plans to release an updated version at some point, dealing with ES6 features and additions?

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Jul 22, 2015
Hi Lawrence:

Thank you for letting us know you enjoy our products.  
It really makes us want to create even better frameworks. And we will!

Yes, we will release an update to the JavaScript + jQuery Pattern Framework.
We were considering adding Angular, but it it seems that Google has made some missteps with Angular 2.0.
In addition, ReactJs and AureliaJs are coming up strong.  Do you (or anyone else) have a preference?

As far as ES6 and ES7, yes, we will certainly support that.  
In fact, Aurelia is being written in ES6 and looking forward, this makes it perhaps a better candidate for future releases.  

In summary, yes there will be an update. Unfortunately, I don't have a release date yet.


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Aug 03, 2015
It will be great to have this upgrade, personally I would like to see Angular as part of this upgrade

thanks keep up the good work