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Jul 15, 2015

SQL+Database Pattern Framework & Excellence Data Models ?


I recently purchased the product in the subject line. I’m very happy with the content I got, but I have one question.

In chapter 15 (Seed Data Models) there is a reference to 'Excellence Data Models, I would like to see the models listed and maybe even use them in my solutions or adapt them to my needs, but I cannot find any of the modules in question on your website.

In the chapter there is a statement: "The models are available as separate modules". Are they available in PRO SQL + Database Pattern Framework or not?


And keep up the good work.


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Jul 16, 2015
Hello Igor, 

The SQL + Database Design Pattern Framework was released just over a week ago.  Glad to hear you are enjoying the package.  

The documentation of SQL + Database Design Pattern Framework does indeed briefly mention the Excellence Seed Data Models. 
However, this is a separate product that we are currently working on. It offers data models (seed models) as a series of separate modules, but, again, they are not available yet. When we are getting closer to release you can read about it on our website. 

Sorry for the confusion.

Best regards. 

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Hello, How is the Excellence Data Models™ development going? Is this product going to be out soon? Regards E.S. --- Ernesto Schoenfeld  Oct 26, 2016

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Jul 16, 2015
Yeah. Let us know when the Excellence Data Models are available. I could use them too.