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Dec 03, 2013

Pro .Net Pattern Framework and Stored Procedures for REST


I have bought your standard .Net Pattern Framework and I am benefiting from all the features it provides. Now I have a question about your Pro .Net pattern framework  is the PRO product capable of auto generating the RESTful interface through stored procedures rather than database tables? I have seen how Spark is capable of generating most of the layers by scanning through the database schema (table). 

Can you confirm that this is able to do the same job from a stored procedures so It will benefit me immensely as we only use store procedures here.

I look forward to your reply soon.

Regards - Raj

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Dec 04, 2013

The answer to your question.whether the REST code generator works with stored procedures is no.  A code generator cannot know what happens inside a stored procedure so it is impossible to build a code generator based off stored procedures only.

Having said this, the opposite is true: it would be entirely possible to generate stored procedures based on the tables in the data model. However, the SPARK platform does not do that as it favors dynamic SQL over stored procedures. 

I hope this helps.