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Sep 26, 2013

Implementing REST outside of Spark

How hard would it be to implement REST in the regular application (non Spark version)?
I know DoFactory is promoting Spark and implemented REST in the Spark version, but could I easily move it over to the MVC/Regular Patterns In Action version?

Also, what is your opinion on Spark?  Is Spark DoFactory's proprietary framework?


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Sep 26, 2013
Let me try to answer this.  Anyone else can jump in as far as their opinion on Spark.

Spark is indeed a platform developed by DoFactory.  Spark offers a better and faster alternative to the Entity Framework. However, it does much more. It provides the architecture for, say 80% of the application including Domain objects, Repository and Service Layers, and tools and techniques related to Security, Business Rules, Transactions (Unit of Work Pattern), Caching, OAuth, and more. 

Anyhow, the REST interface in the Spark reference application is built on Web API. This means that if you use .NET 4.5 you can indeed build your own REST implementation on a 'Patterns in Action'-type architecture. You will need to handle your own data access for which you could use Entity Framework, LINQ-to-SQL,or ADO.NET or anything else. 

Hope this helps. 
Jack Poorte