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Sep 12, 2013

An example please on how to use a SQL LIKE in Spark 4.5 Platform

Can you guys show an example on how to perform a LIKE query in the where parameter?

I tried this:

where: "productid like '%@0%' param: "014"

I got back 0 rows.

Running this in TSQL in SQL management studio did yield back some rows

What should be the correct way to do this in Spark 4.5?

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Sep 12, 2013
Hello Parity Bit: 

The Art Shop has a example (where you search for products) that demonstrates the use of a SQL LIKE.
You'll find it in the Products action method in the ProductController.

I think where you got confused is the placement of the '%'.
It should be placed on the value, rather than the parameter, something like this:  

var products = db.Products.All( where: "ProductId LIKE @0", parms: "%014%" );

Hope this helps.