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Jul 30, 2013

Design Pattern Framework License Renewal and Discount


I had previously purchased the .NET 4.0 Design Pattern Framework and would like to upgrade to the 4.5 version. I can see the upgrade cost for me would be $59.

I was wondering if there are any deals/discounts for buying .NET 4.5 Design Patterns Framework and the Javascript + Jquery Pattern Framework together for a lower cost?


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Jul 30, 2013
Hello Sachin:

Yes, anyone renewing their .NET subscription can purchase the Pro JavaScript + jQuery patterns package for a discounted price of $59.  

Our website does not support this offer yet (we're working on it). For now purchase at normal price and then send an email to contact@dofactory.com. We will then refund the $20 discount back to your account. 

Hope this helps.
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Thank you Dan. I have just made my order and will send the email as you have suggested above. --- sach patel  Jul 31, 2013