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Jun 20, 2013

Business Object properties: model as Objects or Enums?

If I want to represent status types ie

1 started
2 inprogress
3 completed

I know I can use Enum's in normal code but how should i represent them in the business objects layer, as objects or as enums, I am thinking about whether to use static classes?

any advice would be appreciated.

A context example would be I have new job business object and it has a status of inprogress when retrieved.

Hope this makes sense?


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Jul 11, 2013

My suggestion is to not use separate (static) classes or objects.  
Simply use an Enum or even better a String value String are easy to display and work equally well.

In my view, anything more than an Enum or String would be overkill.


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Aug 09, 2013
Create an Enum that contains all the possible status types. 
Enums are easy to create, easy to use, and easy to convert to and from a string. 

Good luck.