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Dec 14, 2012

VS 2008 - Product location management with strategy pattern

Hi all experts!
I'm currently developing a WinMobile application for picking system.
The user must have the possibility to change the positions of the products on the shelf (using the built in barcode reader);
I would like to manage three different situations:
  1. scan a product barcode , scan a product location and assign the product to the location;
  2. scan a product barcode and remove from its current location (the product goes in a "waiting list" for subsequent location assignment);
  3. scan a product barcode, scan another product barcode and exchange their positions
I think that strategy pattern is the solution; am I right?
This is the code I've written so far:
public interface IChangeLocationStrategy
  void Assign(PickLocation source, Location target);
//Context class
public class PickLocation
    public IChangeLocationStrategy ChangeLocationStrategy { get; set; }
    public Product Item { get; set; }
    public Location Bin { get; set; }

    public PickLocation() { }

    public void MoveToNewLocation(Location target)
        ChangeLocationStrategy.Assign(this, target);

    public void RemoveFromCurrentLocation()
        ChangeLocationStrategy.Assign(this, null);

//the first concrete strategy class
public class SyncAssignment : IChangeLocationStrategy
    #region Change location strategy

    public void Assign(PickLocation source, Location target)
        PickLocation newAllocation = new PickLocation();
        newAllocation.Bin = target;
        newAllocation.Item = source.Item;

But now I'm confused... it seems to me that the method defined in the interface ins't correct  to manage also the other two cases.
Can anyone help me?