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Nov 28, 2012

Implement Layered architecture without WCF

Hi Guys :).

I'm very new to the world of layered architecture so please bare with me!

I'm creating a WPF application that uses MVVM like the example dofactory provide.

So far, I've implemented the DataObject layer, the BusinessObject layer and in the process of creating the Service layer and Presentation Layer. 

But this is where i become unstuck. Within my Actionservice,  as well as the Provider class within my Presentation layer (model) is throwing errors from left right and center. 

After following the PDF, it says to change the list items to DTO's within the mapper (Service.DataTransferObjectMapper). But doing so creates these problems.

4Argument 1: cannot convert from 'Service.DataTransferObject.EmployeeDto' to '\Service\ServiceImplementation\ActionService.cs'

So what am i doing wrong?

Any advice would be appreciated. If code or further explanation is needed, let me know :).