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Nov 08, 2012

what is the difference between architecture and design pattern?

I don't know about clear answer this question Please explain in understanding format.  

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Nov 14, 2012
Architecture mostly addresses problems of distributed functionality, system partitioning, protocols, interfaces, scalability, reliability, security and... while design patterns are medium-scale and mostly language-independent abstractions using object oriented mechanisms and described by UML diagrams which solve commonly occurred problems in software construction. 
You might also like to know that Idioms are techniques for expressing low-level and mostly language-dependent ideas for instance inner classes in Java.
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Differences: Architecture is strategic, while Design is tactical. Design Patterns are well known patterns for solving technical problems in a way that has proven itself many times. However architecture patterns are well known patterns for solving software application architecture problems. Architecture comprises the frameworks, tools, programming paradigms, component-based software engineering standards, design principles. Similarities: Both architectural and design pattern seems to implement set of frameworks and techniques to enforce code reusability and solve common known software problem. --- Suresh Kumar Mukhiya  Feb 15, 2015