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Sep 10, 2012

MVP : How to deal with with Complex Data?

In MVP : If we have Hierarchical data model such as "Folder Structure" where does the logic for binding will occour. In View or in Presenter.

What data type is best represented to capture Hierarchical data model?

What all member does IView will have? If it is binding data (supervising)? If not the what methods presenter will have (passive)?

We have TreeControl in WinForm to representer such Hierarchical data model, if we use third party control we might not have "Node" concept. In such scenario having logic in Presenter will render presenter useless if we change View from WinForm to Webform. becuase we might have tightly coupled View (TreeView control logic) in Presenter.

Sep 25, 2012
I think, you create the DTO which represent your hierarchichy and presenter will process this to pass in view.