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Aug 06, 2012

Social Networking


We are in a process of developing Social Networking site using Microsoft platforms. Please suggest the best combination of technologies to use like JQuery Ajax with WCF etc..

Thanks in advance,

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Aug 08, 2012
This seems to be a very broad question.  The technology stack that comes to my mind is  (there could be various combinations)
- Web API
- jQuery
- Backbonejs or knockoutjs
- Entity framework 4.3 (this works well, contrary to popular misconceptions about performance issues)
- Any client side view template like jsrender, mustache etc.
- NUnit/mbunit with Rhino Mock or Moq for unit testing
- Any well known caching product/library like redis etc.
-  Selenium/watin for automation testing
-  Any javascript based vector library like paperjs, raphaeljs etc.

Hope this helps.