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Aug 17, 2011

Entity Framework 4.1 and POCOS

I want to implement a data access layer using entity framework 4.1 with POCO's and was wondering how best to implement. When looking at the patterns in action solution, I really like the architecture you have in place. How would the architecture change if I wanted to implement it using POCO's. Does POCO's replace DTO's?
I'm interested in this as well. --- Scott Mitchell  Aug 25, 2011
It's high time for the dofactory framework to get updated to include implementations for POCOs, EF 4.1, dbConext plus other stuff. The framework came out more than a year ago and I haven seen a single upgrade or update. The framework does NOT need to go hand in hand with the .NET version. Like Microsoft releases out of band updates, the dofactory framework can do the same thing. --- Abdu Bukres  Oct 25, 2011
I am working on an small app using the DO Framework using Entity Framework, POCO and code generated by the dbContext Generator. To simplify the architecture, I am planning to remove all the DTO's and mappers. If I am exposing a subset of a POCO class as DataMembers in WCF, I don't see how they differ from a DTO. There's a similar question on Stackoverflow.com http://stackoverflow.com/questions/7666681/any-disadvantages-if-using-poco-entity-framework-across-the-tiers-and-not-usin --- Abdu Bukres  Nov 07, 2011