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Jul 30, 2011

Design Pattern Framework 5.0?

Does anyone know when the next version of the Design Pattern Framework 5.0 might be coming out?  
I am looking forward to it.


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Aug 01, 2011
The Design Pattern Framework versioning is (mostly) in sync with .NET.  For example, Design Pattern Framework 4.0 supports .NET 4.0, etc.

Once Microsoft releases VS 2012 / .NET 5.0 will we follow soon with Design Pattern Framework 5.0. 
Microsoft has been rather mum about the next release. Hopefully they will demonstrate what is coming in the next BUILD conference in September.

Thanks for the update Dan. --- Doug Rohm  Aug 02, 2011
Now that .NET 4.5 is out, can we expect Design Pattern Framework 4.5, also? I want to see how we can incorporate WebAPI into your framework. --- Richard Tiong  Aug 23, 2012

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Jul 30, 2011

That's an interesting question ;) for which I also like to know the answer.
Also, are update versions cheaper from version 4.0 to version 5.0? (I know my subscription is a year long).