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Jul 28, 2011

With which Design Pattern would you recommend I start?


I am from México, sorry for my English. 

I am a student in Computer Systems and I don't know where to start with Design Patterns.
My professor taught some of Singleton and Factory Patterns, but I don't know where to continue.
How would you recommend I continue my Design Pattern study?

Thanks so much.

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The easiest is the Singleton, for having unique object instance. --- Nicolas Spielmann  Jul 28, 2011

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Jul 29, 2011
I guess I started with the following (may not be in order though) and it  was accidental but was definitely helpful and am sticking to these common patterns in my everyday application development....

- Singleton (one instance -> global point of access)
- Factory Method (Use generic factory if you are working with .net to create configurable types)
- Strategy (if you need to vary your algorithms at runtime  e.g. sorting->quicksort->or->mergesort->or some other sorting logic)
- Decorator (attach additional responsibility to an object)
- Facade (Provide higher level of abstraction)
- Command (for eg. for menu actions and toolbar actions)
- Template Method (for what it says... for templated methods that has predefined set of execution cycle like the asp.net page life cycle for eg.)
- And then pick up the ones you understand or could related to in your real work or project work environment.

Hope this helps!.

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Oh that is a good comment... thanks i try it.... thak you very much --- Alberto Chargoy  Aug 13, 2011