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May 17, 2011

'Patterns In Action' accessing a different domain service

I have a discussion forum site where the members get points for posting messages. In 'Patterns In Action' shopping cart, if the customer has an account in the discussion forum also, he will get a discount for those points when he checks out. For example if the check out amount is $20 and the customer has 100 points, he will get $5 off. If the customer has 200 points he will get $11 off. The 'Patterns In Action' shopping cart application can get the points of a customer from the discussion forum through a web service only. The discount rule ($5 for 100 points, $11 for 200 points) is set up in the shopping cart app.

Where should I integrate this discussion forum web service in the 'Patterns In Action'? Is it in the Business Layer?

Do I have to create another BoundedContext for points and now have two domains (1) shopping cart (2) Points management?