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May 08, 2011

Are these 'Good Design Principles' of the Factory Method pattern?


I am new to Design Patterns.  Looking at the example code in the Design Pattern Framework, my understanding of the Factory Method pattern is that it uses the following "good design principles":

  1) Favor composition over inheritance - private List<Page> _pages = new List<Page>();
  2) Programming to an interface - Document[] documents = new Document[2];
  3) Encapsulating changes - public abstract void CreatePages();
  4) Between 2 classes we have week relationship, i.e. loose coupling
  5) Using open/close principle - cannot change existing classes but we can add more variants, i.e. extensions

Are my conclusions correct? 
Are there additional good Design Principles in the Factory Method?


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May 22, 2011
This may be too late but, yes all your undestandings are correct. However, #1 varies on case by case basis.