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Apr 19, 2011

Is there still a future for NHibernate?

I was just wondering with the new release of Entity Framework 4.1 which supports Code First, Data First, and Model First does it still makes sense to start a web project with NHibernate?  I know it has many users, but with MS behind EF I wonder 'who will win'?


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Apr 26, 2011
I believe NHibernate will be around for quite some time. Sure, there are always those who will use EF just 'cause it's endorsed by Microsoft. But looking at a grander scope, before EF, NHibernate had competition from great ORMs like LLBLGen, Subsonic, LightSpeed, etc, etc... all of which seem to have a solid user base. I do not believe the Microsoft's EF will change the scenery that much. Also, given that Microsoft tends to change data access strategy pretty much every 3-5 years using NHibernate might be more of a safe bet.

Just my 2c :)