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Apr 18, 2011

Parsing of HTML: Use Regex or HTML Agility Pack?

I need to parse some HTML in my project.  It is fairly simple and controlled HTML, that is, we don't parse just any malformed HTML out there in the wild.

I was thinking of using Regex for this purpose, but I am not (yet) an expert in building Regex patterns.
However, I found the following pattern that will match all HTML tags:

Does anyone have feedback on this pattern?  Will it indeed capture all HTML tags?  Any weaknesses?

As an alternative I believe I could use the HTML Agility Pack. I know that the Orchard Project uses it internally.
Does anyone want to comment on the appropriateness of using the Agility Pack for my purposes?

Take a look at a post made by Phil Haack a while back, it might be useful... http://haacked.com/archive/2004/10/25/usingregularexpressionstomatchhtml.aspx --- Robert Blixt  Apr 19, 2011
I suck at regex, so can't be more helpful than that ;) --- Robert Blixt  Apr 19, 2011