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Apr 12, 2011

Setup Aspnetdb.sql to run on SQL Server 2008


I have the Design Pattern Framework 4.0 and can see 2 database ddl files: Action.sql and Aspnetdb.sql.
I successfully ran Action.sql file and created a database, but I am unable to create a database with Aspnetdb.sql.

It fails when running the script in SQL Server 2008 (Express edition).

So I cannot run the application in full (I mean the login part).
Can somebody guide me how to setup the database?

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where is connection string for aspnetdb in asp.net application, i could see in MVC application but not in the asp.net application... --- Abhishek Ranjan  Apr 12, 2011

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Apr 12, 2011

Could you please provide some details on your script failure?
How far does the script run and what are the messages you see?

Except for a few lines at the bottom, this ddl is the standard Microsoft script to generate the Membership database.
By the way, have you created an ASPNETDB database?  This is used by this script (see in the beginning the USE [aspnetdb]  statement).

Hope this gets you going.