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Jan 28, 2011

Silverlight + WCF in a DDD architecture instead of use RIA services


In my opinion your Design Pattern Framework's Silverlight project is a great teaching resource, however it may not be enough if you are planning to develop a robust DDD application that supports changes in technologies because it uses RIA services.

Are there any examples that shows the code we would need in order to implement a Silverlight app that consumes an WCF facade service instead of a RIA service? This alternative is particularly interesting if you think that maybe today you are using a Silverlight client but tomorrow maybe you will need to connect to your facade service an Android client written in Java. In general, one has to be  ready for technology changes that happen over time. So, for us RIA is not a viable option and we need to use straight WCF. 

Best regards, and many thanks for your efforts developing your valuable dofactory product.
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that would be great resource --- Jesus Castro  Aug 01, 2011