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Nov 30, 2010

Cannot get Silverlight4 app in DPF4 to work

When I run the app, I get the following message

System.ServiceModel.FaultException`1 crossed a native/managed boundary
  Message=The specified named connection is either not found in the configuration, not intended to be used with the EntityClient provider, or not valid.
       at System.ServiceModel.Channels.Remoting.RealProxy.Invoke(Object[] args)
       at proxy_2.EndGetCategories(IAsyncResult )

Cannot view the shopping page as the Category combobox is not populated.
I am new to Silverlight and want to know how can I fix this error?

I should mention I have changed the connection string in the web.config to point to my local SQL2005 database.
Silverlight Patterns in Action.Web.csproj
    <add name="ActionEntities"
     connectionString="Data Source=MyLocalSQL2005;Initial Catalog=ActionDPF;Integrated Security=True;MultipleActiveResultSets=True"
    providerName="System.Data.SqlClient" />

Did I break something?
Or what am I missing to fix this error?

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Dec 03, 2010

Quick question: You mentioned that you changed the web.config connectionstring.
Did the application run before you made any changes?


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Sep 17, 2017

What you are asking is for silverlight to resize itself. This will take alot of work on your part. You will need to write code that knows when your app gets larger, and it will scale the html object that is holding your silverlight app.

For example, set an event on the layoutroot for layoutchange, then set the height property of your silverlight app from code.The free version of app is available for free on tutuapp. Get it from this website.

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Oct 12, 2017

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Mar 27, 2018
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