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Sep 23, 2010

Cart object concept?

I have a general question: In the Design Pattern Framework, why is the shopping cart object in the framework layer and not in business layer? What is the concept behind that?

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Sep 23, 2010

The main reason is that the shopping cart is not persistent in the current implementation of the Design Pattern Framework. 
If you have a Cart table in your database (i.e. you have a persistent cart), we recommend you implement the Cart object in the Business Layer, like all other persistent business objects.

Hope this helps.

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Hi Dan, I assumed that since cart is a generic concept that can be used in multiple apps, it has been put into framework. In my opinion the framework consists of mostly agnostic modules that can be either used in other apps or can be replaced with a similar controls. Can you please provide some guidelines on what to put into Framework Vs . what to put into Business layer? Regards Sanjay --- Sanjay K Singh  Sep 27, 2010