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Sep 20, 2010

Silverlight Patterns In Action 4.0 Architecture


Will there be any chance that the patterns Logging, DTO, Mutiple Data Providers and SOA be incorporated in the Silverlight Patterns 4.0?  I know it was mentioned in the Silverlight Patterns In Action 4.0 that the focus is to showcase the silverlight-specific patterns and practices but I believe integrating the said patterns in the Silverlight Patterns 4.0 would be a great feature for silverlight developers wanting to incorporate the said patterns as showcased in the Patterns in Action ASP, Windows Forms and WPF platforms.

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Sep 22, 2010

Thank you for your feedback. I would suspect that not all patterns may be relevant to Silverlight, but we will certainly consider this in our next release. Again thanks.
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I would second this. --- Antti Kajanus  Oct 26, 2010