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Jul 29, 2010

Repository Pattern versus DAO Pattern


First of all, great job with DoFactory's Design Pattern Framework.  In the recent version 4.0 the Repository Pattern was included. 
Now I am trying to understand the difference between the Repository Pattern and the DAO (Data Access Object) Pattern.

I have read the "official" definition from Fowler and Googled some additional information, but I guess I need a "for dummys" explanation, I hope someone can help me see the real difference between these two pattern and when is it convenient to apply one or the other.

Perhaps if someone can give me an example of a Repository Pattern that is not a DAO, or a DAO implementation that is not a Repository I can have a better understanding.


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Aug 08, 2010

Just a suggestion.

Search out Domain Driven Design (DDD).

The Repository is the kind of the foundation for DDD.

You can use this at various levels of the application.

Some Suggested links from muy bookmarks...





Aug 09, 2010
Thank you very much for those links :)

Very useful.