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Jul 19, 2010

How are successors removed in Chain Of Responsibility Pattern?

How are successors removed, one by one, in the Chain Of Responsibility Pattern?
It gets addeds like the code below:



No one ever explains how these objects are removed from the successor collection.

Could anyone clarify how this is done?

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Jul 25, 2010
sorry but I think I didn't get your question,
whay do you mean by "how these objects are removed from the successor collection"
1. why you want to remove those oobjects?
2.you do not have to remove them, you can set them to another successor.

if my answer don't appropriate to your question, explain  more clearly your question.

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Hi, what my doubt is, suppose in successor collection i have three objects, once the first one has validated , it'll move to next one, Now i have only 2 values out of 3.... you got my doubt.... --- Venkatesh Kumar  Jul 26, 2010