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Jul 15, 2010

Design Pattern Training Videos

Have you guys though about doing a video series on design patterns?
I've come across one website that does them, but they refer to Java!
It would make alot of sense if you guys did consider producing them as you focus primarily on .NET

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Jul 15, 2010
Thanks for the suggestion.
We will indeed be looking into this.

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Sep 02, 2010
Hello has there been any further development towards doing a video series ?

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Sep 03, 2010
Peter: the idea for pattern videos is beginning to reach the top of our todo list. 
Stay tuned.

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Jan 19, 2011
Hello,  I eventually found some really good video tutorials on design patterns by Pluralsight  -I found that yours and thier content complemented each other very well  -it might be an idea to contact them so as to share resources etc.

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Mar 03, 2011
I am pleased to announce that DoFactory is starting the production of a video series on .NET Design Patterns and Pattern Architectures.

If you are interested, please let us know what you'd like to see the most and we'll adjust the priorities of our production if the votes are there.

Awesome! I would love to see all the most comon patterns that get used in ASP.NET, Silverlight & WCF development. (factory, services, mvvm etc). Do you have a price structure in place ? --- Peter St Angelo  Mar 04, 2011
I am eagerly waiting for the videos. --- Parthasarathy Raja  Mar 04, 2011
Great news! Looking forward to this. --- Robert Blixt  Mar 08, 2011
REALLY looking forward to this. I'd love to see a sample "real world" application being built from zero applying design patterns --- Thiago Santos  Nov 10, 2011

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Mar 09, 2011
It would be great if you include CAB (Composite UI Application Block) in your video series and try to create a CAB application using WPF. You can implement Adapter, Strategy, Command and Dependency Injection in a CAB app.

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Mar 21, 2011
Plural-SIght is who I'm using right now for a better understanding of the 20 plus design patters and principles.  It's worth a gander.

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Oct 21, 2011
          I would like to see 

MVC  = asp.net
MVP  = Windows
MVVC  = WPF/silverlight

individual application step by step . With WCF service layer and with out WCF service layer