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Jul 10, 2010

Details about MVC Design Pattern

Could anyone provide me some details on why and when to use for MVC Design Pattern?

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Jul 13, 2010
My take on this is that if you do web development, then you could benefit from using the MVC design pattern. You could either roll your own implementation of it or use Microsoft's framework Asp.Net MVC. There are also third party frameworks such as FubuMVC (http://fubumvc.com/).

A benefit you gain is a separation of UI and business layer, which if done properly would make you app easier to maintain and test.

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Jul 16, 2010
Additionally ASP.NET MVC framework is a great thing to work with.  The following are the features in a nutshell

  • Testable
  • SEO URL's (though this is also possible using asp.net as well)
  • Pluggable architecture
  • No Viewstate, hence lightweight by design
  • Clean markup (no unwarranted markups)
Hope this helps.

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Jul 16, 2010
You can also watch my videos series at MVC Central.  http://www.mvccentral.net

I have a 13 episode videos and articles series where I build an MVC 2 application from scratch while you watch.  It gives some best practices and shows me building a full n-Tier application.

It's the Golf Tracker screencast series.