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Jul 05, 2010

VS2010 UML Modeling / Class diagrams

In the current Design Pattern Framework (3.5) I can see that it comes with Visio UML Diagrams.
Will you take advantage of VS2010 UML Modelling (ClassDiagram) project type to create all the (current & new) patterns in v4?

I'm looking forward to the v4 release - will it be sometime this month?

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Jul 07, 2010

The UML modeling is only available in VS 2010 Ultimate Edition and that would place it out of reach for most developers.
We do have class diagrams on all our projects (I assume you knew that, right?).

And, yes, we are releasing 4.0 this month for sure.

Hope this helps.

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Jul 12, 2010
Yes I knew about the class diagrams  -but was wondering if you had somethng more specific to VS2010 UML Modeling -no worries!

Great to hear that the release will be this month   -could I press you for a more approx date/time? ie... this week / next week  etc?