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Jun 24, 2010

.NET advice requested

I am preparing for a .NET 3.5 job  as a junior developer..I was trained to work with ASP.Net, C#, ADO.Net, & SQL Server.
Now, I find myself very confused. Do I also need to learn WPF,WCF, LINQ, etc.?
Or, do I know enought to be an ASP.Net developer?   Please advice.

Thanks in advance.


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The more you know, the better off you can be. It sounds like you have the core foundations done. You can do the job without things like WCF and LINQ. WPF though is still more a desktop feature, though Silverlight is closely related (and was actually originally named WPF/E for WPF everywhere). Pick the items that will help you expand your knowledge based on what projects you're currently in. One thing I would recommend, is learning to use the MS Patterns and Practices: Enterprise Library. (http://entlib.codeplex.com/) It's a great set of patterns and I use the Data part of it every single day. So, the short of it, yes, you know enough to get going. The long of it, always keep learning. There are lots of things you can learn and new ideas come out almost every day it seems. Pick your learning initially on what gives you the best bang for your buck via your current projects then you can expand outwards into things that may be good skillsets to have in the future. --- Mark Fitzpatrick  Jun 24, 2010

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Jul 01, 2010
+1 for Mark's comment. Always try to learn new things that will make you a better software developer and that can further your career. Be it a new language, framework, or something else. Check out different dev blogs and learning sites to see what others are using (dimecasts.net is a great starting point).

Good Luck!

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Jul 01, 2010
Learn Linq. I don't mean Linq to SQL but Linq to objects.  3.5 is really a different language now, its c# with embedded smalltalk.  Linq will help you code faster and will make the code more readable. 4.0 is mostly just improvements to Linq.
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+1, TekPub.com has a great series on Linq, if you don't mind spending some $. --- Robert Blixt  Jul 02, 2010