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Feb 22, 2010

Entity Framework 4.0 or LINQ-to-SQL

One of our clients wants us to evaluate the best option: move to Entity Framework 4.0 or LINQ-to-SQL (for when Visual Studio 2010 is out). We have some experience with LINQ-to-SQL, which we really like, but virtually no experience with the Entity Framework.

Several of our projects use LINQ-to-SQL in production and they are running fine. So, what are the advantages of moving to EF 4.0?  I am particularly concerned about EF performance in situations where the database schema and the SQL queries are generated by EF (from a Domain Model). I just don't know how performant this is.

Any experiences would be much appreciated.

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Mar 29, 2010
I don't have any experience with Entity Framework but maybe  ORM Battle website can be useful for you?
They present LINQ implementation and ORM performance tests, including EF and LINQ.