• UNION combines the result sets of two queries.
  • Column data types in the two queries must match.
  • UNION combines by column position rather than column name.

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The SQL UNION syntax

The general syntax is:
SELECT column-names
  FROM table-name
SELECT column-names
  FROM table-name

SQL UNION Examples

Problem: List all contacts, i.e., suppliers and customers.

SELECT 'Customer' As Type, 
       FirstName + ' ' + LastName AS ContactName, 
       City, Country, Phone
  FROM Customer
SELECT 'Supplier', 
       ContactName, City, Country, Phone
  FROM Supplier
This is a simple example in which the table alias would be useful


Type ContactName City Country Phone
Customer Alejandra Camino Madrid Spain (91) 745 6200
Customer Alexander Feuer Leipzig Germany 0342-023176
Customer Ana Trujillo México D.F. Mexico (5) 555-4729
Customer Anabela Domingues Sao Paulo Brazil (11) 555-2167
Supplier Anne Heikkonen Lappeenranta Finland (953) 10956
Supplier Antonio del Valle Saavedra Oviedo Spain (98) 598 76 54
Supplier Beate Vileid Sandvika Norway (0)2-953010
Supplier Carlos Diaz Sao Paulo Brazil (11) 555 4640
Supplier Chandra Leka Singapore Singapore 555-8787
Supplier Chantal Goulet Ste-Hyacinthe Canada (514) 555-2955
Supplier Charlotte Cooper London UK (171) 555-2222