List suppliers with the statistical variance of their product prices.
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 29 Records
CompanyName Price Variance
Aux joyeux ecclésiastiques 1686494.6824499997
Bigfoot Breweries 722.6111999999921
Cooperativa de Quesos 'Las Cabras' 19617.843200000032
Escargots Nouveaux NULL
Exotic Liquids 3294.663633333337
Forêts d'érables 29354.64499999996
Formaggi Fortini s.r.l. 20011.594799999963
Gai pâturage 29931.704450000077
G'day, Mate 69686.79040000003
Grandma Kelly's Homestead 7913.4570999999705
Heli Süßwaren GmbH & Co. KG 30569.566633333307
Karkki Oy 474.9156999999832
Leka Trading 39760.57343333334
Lyngbysild 24.78080000000773
Ma Maison 16828.785800000012
Mayumi's 9971.788633333337
New England Seafood Cannery 3156.945800000016
New Orleans Cajun Delights 693.8630999999974
Nord-Ost-Fisch Handelsgesellschaft mbH NULL
Norske Meierier 39130.01043333336
Pakkoda Boys 7060.284449999992
Pasta Buttini s.r.l. 23226.59044999999
Pavlova, Ltd. 52833.38196999993
Plutzer Lebensmittelgroßmärkte AG 120190.57535000003
Refrescos Americanas LTDA NULL
Specialty Biscuits, Ltd. 165513.68275833337
Svensk Sjöföda AB 4201.579199999978
Tokyo Traders 279637.7527000001
Zaanse Snoepfabriek 123.55919999998878
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