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SQL Nullif Column Example


List all suppliers without a fax number. Return records where Fax is NULL and also where Fax = '' (empty string).
Click here for details on NULLIF.
 16 Records
CompanyName City Country Phone Fax
Exotic Liquids London UK (171) 555-2222 NULL
New Orleans Cajun Delights New Orleans USA (100) 555-4822 NULL
Tokyo Traders Tokyo Japan (03) 3555-5011 NULL
Cooperativa de Quesos 'Las Cabras' Oviedo Spain (98) 598 76 54 NULL
Mayumi's Osaka Japan (06) 431-7877 NULL
Specialty Biscuits, Ltd. Manchester UK (161) 555-4448 NULL
Refrescos Americanas LTDA Sao Paulo Brazil (11) 555 4640 NULL
Heli Süßwaren GmbH & Co. KG Berlin Germany (010) 9984510 NULL
Plutzer Lebensmittelgroßmärkte AG Frankfurt Germany (069) 992755 NULL
Norske Meierier Sandvika Norway (0)2-953010 NULL
Bigfoot Breweries Bend USA (503) 555-9931 NULL
Svensk Sjöföda AB Stockholm Sweden 08-123 45 67 NULL
Leka Trading Singapore Singapore 555-8787 NULL
Karkki Oy Lappeenranta Finland (953) 10956 NULL
Ma Maison Montréal Canada (514) 555-9022 NULL
Escargots Nouveaux Montceau France NULL
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