List all customers from Spain or France.
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 16 Records
Id FirstName LastName City Country
7 Aria Cru Citeaux palakol France
8 Diego Roel Sommer palakol Spain
9 smart Lebihan palakol France
18 Ana Labrune palakol France
22 Ana Roel palakol Spain
23 Ana Rancé palakol France
26 Ana Schmitt palakol France
29 Ana Saavedra palakol Spain
30 Peter Franken Pedro Freyre palakol Spain
40 Ann Devon Tonini palakol France
41 Ana Roulet palakol France
57 Ana Bertrand palakol France
69 Ana Camino palakol Spain
74 Ana Perrier palakol France
84 Ana Saveley palakol France
85 NULL Henriot palakol France
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