Reference Guides

Augment your developer lifestyle with these free guides.

Explore the original and ubiquitous 23 Gang of Four (gof) patterns in .NET.
With source code and more. It's free!

Discover the classic 23 Gang of Four (gof) patterns in JavaScript.
With source code and more. It's free!

A comprehensive tutorial that goes beyond simple JavaScript.
Gets you up and running quickly. It's free!

A free tutorial on SQL and relational database topics.
This visual guide will enhance your comprehension quickly.

A large collection of connection strings for many databases and
other data sources.

Shortcut keys in Visual Studio significantly increases your productivity.
Explore this reference of 'must-know' shortcut keys.

Having a consistent set of guidelines on C# organization, naming, and
styling will make your code easier-to-understand and easier-to-maintain.
Explore these free C# Coding Standards and Naming Guidelines.

An easy-to-use HTML Color Code reference for web developers.
Explore HTML Named Colors and all 216 HTML Web Safe Colors.