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What is Dofactory JS

What is Dofactory JS?

Dofactory JS is a JavaScript + jQuery design pattern framework for front-end development. You will learn to develop better JavaScript solutions fast. And it comes with plenty of comprehensive examples. The focus is on simplicity and productivity.
Dofactory JS is a unique package that offers answers and code solutions to the most crucial questions that front-end developers face. You won't find anything like it anywhere else.

What do I get?

Following purchase you download and install your package. From now on you have answers to all your JavaScript and jQuery questions available at your fingertips - code included. Getting started couldn't be easier.

Dofactory JS covers a lot ground.  Here is the table of contents for the full package.

  • Chapter 1: Javascript & Pattern Essentials
    Laying the foundation for JavaScript Patterns and Pattern Archtectures.
    • What are Design Patterns?
    • Design Patterns & JavaScript
    • OO Design, SOLID, and DRY Principles
    • Unobtrusive JavaScript and Layering
    • Deep dive: The Event Loop (+ Zero Timeout Pattern)
    • Deep dive: Prototypes in JavaScript
    • Cracking JavaScript Idioms & Hacks (fun section)
    • Coding Standards and Style
  • Chapter 2: Modern JavaScript Patterns
    Modern JavaScript Patterns as used by expert JavaScript developers.
    • Contructor Pattern
    • Namespace Pattern  --  Namespace, Bookmarklet
    • Module Pattern  --  Module, Revealing Module, Partial Module
    • Chaining Pattern
    • Invocation Pattern  --  Function, Method, Constructor, Apply
    • Mixin Pattern  --  Prototypal Inheritance, Extend, Mixin, Functional Mixin
    • Monkey Patch Pattern  --  Monkey Patch, Duck Punching
    • Multiton Pattern  --  N-ton, Registry of Singletons
    • Partial Pattern  --  Partial Function, Partial Object, Partial Application
  • Chapter 3: Classic (GoF) JavaScript Patterns
    JavaScript-optimized versions of the 23 Classic GoF Patterns.
    • Abstract Factory Pattern
    • Builder Pattern
    • Factory Method Pattern
    • Prototype Pattern
    • Singleton Pattern
    • Adapter Pattern
    • Bridge Pattern
    • Command Pattern
    • Composite Pattern
    • Decorator Pattern
    • Façade Pattern
    • Flyweight Pattern
    • Proxy Pattern
    • Interpreter Pattern
    • Iterator Pattern
    • Mediator Pattern
    • Memento Pattern
    • Chain of Responsibility Pattern
    • Observer Pattern
    • State Pattern
    • Strategy Pattern
    • Template Method Pattern
    • Visitor Pattern
  • Chapter 4: Model-View JavaScript Patterns
    All about the essential Model-View architectural patterns
    • MVC -- Model View Controller
    • MVP -- Model View Presenter
    • MVVM -- Model View ViewModel
    • MV* Frameworks  --  Backbone, Knockout, more...
  • Chapter 5: jQuery Patterns
    Exploring jQuery's internal and external patterns and practices.
    • jQuery Module Pattern
    • jQuery Single var Pattern
    • jQuery Double Exclamation
    • jQuery Overload Idiom
    • jQuery Placeholder Idiom
    • jQuery Short Walk Idiom
    • jQuery Options Hash Pattern
    • jQuery Chaining Pattern
    • jQuery Namespace Pattern
    • jQuery Lazy Load Pattern
    • jQuery Zero Timeout Pattern
    • jQuery Singleton Pattern
    • jQuery Iterator Pattern
    • jQuery Observer Pattern
    • jQuery Proxy Pattern
    • jQuery Façade Pattern
    • jQuery Adapter Pattern
    • jQuery Plugin Patterns  --  Function, Extend, Constructor
  • Chapter 6: Architecture Patterns
    Building large-scale JavaScript apps
    • Script Loading
    • Modularity
    • AMD & Require.js
    • JavaScript Transpilers
    • JavaScript Error Handling
    • JavaScript Testing  --  QUnit, Jasmine
  • Chapter 7: Patterns in Action
    Using Patterns in a comprehensive, real-world setting
    • Dashboard App
    • Data Entry App  --  CRUD operations
    • Search App
    • Pagination App
    • Mapping App  --  Google Maps and Geolocation
    • SPA - Single Page Application
  • Chapter 8: Bonus
    Tips and ideas on reaching JavaScript Rock Stardom!
    • 37 Ways to becoming a the next JavaScript RockStar!

With Dofactory JS you get 8 information-packed chapters, each one covering an in-depth topic together with code that make the topic come to life.

It has never been easier to learn JavaScript and jQuery development with design patterns, architecture, and more. Get ready for a whole new front-end developer experience.


PDF and live JavaScript.

Dofactory JS comes in two formats: PDF documents (349 pages) and a live HTML/JavaScript application which you install and run on your machine. The contents of these two are the same. Here's how this works:

The package includes 8 PDF documents, one for each chapter (as outlined above). These are viewable offline, which is handy when, for example, traveling by plane.

The HTML/JavaScript format has the same materials but it has the advantage that it is a live web app which runs on your computer. Exploring the course this way is great because all materials are available from a single, easy-to-navigate place, and the JavaScript patterns, code samples, sample apps are live, meaning you can view and run the JavaScript and jQuery code right then and there!

In addition to live JavaScript and jQuery patterns, the application also contains numerous 'mini apps' that demonstrate the features and techniques in a more real-world scenario.


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