Licensing - Design Pattern Framework

Licensing can be confusing, so we've made our licensing as simple and easy-to-understand as possible. The questions below should help you decide which license is best for you.

Who needs a 1-user license?

A single developer using our product (i.e. viewing, reading, compiling, studying, running, etc) needs to be licensed to do so. The license is associated with a named developer, not a machine. So, a licensed developer is allowed to install the product on more than one machine (say, at home and at work). Please note that although the product may be installed on multiple machines, only the assigned developer can use the product.

Who needs a 4 or 16-user license?

If your team has more than just a couple of developers, our 4 or 16-user license will be more cost effective. A 4 or 16-user license is meant for for up-to 4 or 16 users. It does not mean you have to have 4 or 16 developers (we've had some customers confused because they only have 5, or 6, or 9 developers). Essentially, the larger your team, the more cost effective this option is.

Who needs a site license?

Alternatively, if your organization has many developers you can purchase a site license. A site license is registered to a site (normally a physical address) and all developers at that location are then automatically covered under the license. This type of licensing is very cost-effective for large enterprises. Please note that employees not working at the licensed site are not covered and will need to be licensed separately.

Can I use code from the Framework in my own application/project?

Yes, you are free to do so (please note that we offer no guarantees). However, there is one important restriction that you need to be aware of. You are not allowed to use the code in creating a similar or competing product, that is, a framework, architectural, and/or .NET educational product or code generator. If, for example, you are creating a pattern and practices based framework, library, or code generator that uses elements or parts of the Design Pattern Framework, you are in violation of the license agreememnt. If, on the other hand you're building an online store, a WPF line of business app, or an accounting winforms application, you are free to use the source code.

Our licenses are royalty-free, meaning there are no fees associated with distributing compiled binaries that contain Design Pattern Framework code. Please note that you are not allowed to distribute or make available source code, documents, or diagrams from the Design Pattern Framework to anyone outside your license.

How long does a license last?

Forever if you are using the product according to the license agreement. By the way, a purchased license also includes free access to product enhancements and upgrades for up to 1 year following purchase. After the year is up, you can optionally choose to renew your license for product upgrades and enhancements, but even if you don't you can still continue using the products you are licensed for.

When a purchase is refunded all license rights are revoked and you must immediately delete all software and materials from your devices.