Automated Test Engineer

Springfield, MA
Job Type
Mid level

Job Description

Hybrid Details: Onsite Tuesdays Wednesdays

Duration: 4 months to start

Job Description

This role seeks a seasoned Automation Test Engineer with extensive experience in automated testing frameworks like Selenium and Cypress, alongside proficiency in performance and resilience testing. The ideal candidate should possess strong scripting abilities, familiarity with CI/CD tools, and skills in SQL and Python programming. Key responsibilities include creating automated test cases, executing tests, analyzing results, and ensuring alignment of tests with business objectives through effective collaboration with cross-functional teams and stakeholders.

Candidate Minimum Requirements

  • Deep knowledge of automated testing frameworks, performance testing, resilience testing
  • 5+ years of experience in software testing with 3 years in automated testing frameworks in consumer-facing applications and APIs
  • 3+ years of experience in generating automated test cases and scripts using Selenium, Cypress and Cucumber frameworks
  • Demonstrated experience in Junit, Postman, TestNG, Git and JIRA Software
  • Demonstrated experience in Selenium WDIO, Selenium GridHub, and WebPack
  • Demonstrated Experience in scripting and configuration tools
  • Experience in CI/CD tools and frameworks
  • Programming experience in SQL and Python
  • Strong collaboration and relationship-building skills, with the ability to work effectively with crossfunctional teams.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, with experience presenting to technical and non-technical audiences.
Primary Responsibilities
  • Creating test cases: Defining the sequence of actions to verify system functionality, including test steps, preconditions, expected results, and actual results.
  • Converting test cases to scripts: Translating manual test cases into automated scripts that can be run by the framework.
  • Executing tests: Running the automated tests to validate the software against the defined requirements. This involves integrating the automated test runs with our build pipelines and generating reports that business users can use as part of the acceptance criteria.
  • Analyzing results: Reviewing the outcomes of the test executions to identify any failures or defects.
  • Reviewing business test criteria and test cases with Business Analysts.
  • Defining testable requirements: Ensuring each requirement has objective pass/fail criteria and is testable as written.
  • Aligning tests with business goals: Making sure the automated tests support the business and project objectives.
  • Participating in requirements reviews: Engaging in discussions with stakeholders to ensure a shared understanding of the project goals.

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