Full Stack Developer

Pinkerton Consulting Investigations, Inc.
Seattle, WA
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Senior level

Job Description

We Seek the Best the Brightest

In order to uphold our 165+ year reputation of accuracy and reliability, Pinkerton welcomes only the smartest and most talented people in the security industry to join our team of corporate risk management and security experts.

For many, Pinkerton is a company that answers a calling. A calling to serve and protect others, no matter what. With this unified sense of purpose, our global force of Pinkerton employees band together and become something more than colleagues; they become a family. No matter how far they are spread apart, Pinkerton agents are bonded together by their shared calling and their commitment to integrity, vigilance, and excellence.

If you consider yourself a leader in the corporate risk management industry, we invite you to explore Pinkerton’s available positions.
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