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We are seeking a Prophet Software Developer for a key client of ours in the United States. 

Please read the full job requirements below we need someone with real, demonstrated experience with an actuarial software called PROPHET. This requirement is essential to the role.

This is a 100% remote position. In this role, you will customize Prophet actuarial software for use with our client's risk modeling, actuarial valuation, and financial forecasting businesses. Prophet software is used to to analyze and project future cash flows, perform liability valuation, and assess risk and capital requirements in usage of insurance and annuity products.
  • Customize Prophet software, and model development using the US 360 Library and modules for Statutory and GAAP valuation
  • Be familiar with US statutory regulation to work with clients on developing custom applications within the software
  • Proven extensive-level abilities with managing and performing as a team leader
  • Leading development teams to build, test, and document models while leveraging and coordinating efforts across different valuation bases and product lines. 
  • Customize the Prophet code and implement non-standard product features and project methodologies

  • Previous experience developing with Prophet actuarial software is essential
  • REQUIRED: Specific, real experience with a product called "Prophet" actuarial software.
  • Understand the framework of development including testing, documentation and release.
  • Bachelor Degree in IT, or Actuarial Science, Statistics, Mathematical Statistics, Applied Mathematics, Mathematics, Economics, Engineering
  • Five (5+) years experience with relevant modeling and product valuation fields.
  • Extensive-level knowledge of the Prophet actuarial valuation software, including Model development using the US360 library and the modules for Statutory and GAAP valuation;
  • Proven ability to customize and implement non-standard product features and projection methodologies not included in the standard Prophet libraries;
  • Proven ability to implement industry-leading model testing, coding, and validation standards, including seriatim testing through regression analysis to assess and minimize unexplained differences in model output; and,
  • Experience with FIS Data Conversion System (DCS) and Prophet Enterprise (PE) and their use in large-scale automated reporting processes.
  • Extensive knowledge of automation digitization in a professional services environment including but not limited to Innovating through new and existing technologies, along with experimenting with digitization solutions;
  • Working with large, complex data sets to build models and leverage data visualization tools to provide insights to clients;
  • Utilizing digitization tools to reduce hours and optimize engagements
Listed salary ranges may vary based on experience, qualifications, and local market. Also, some positions may include bonuses or other incentives.
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