Senior Back-End Developer

London, United Kingdom
$4,000 - $5,000 / week 
Senior level

Job Description

Our Mission

To help businesses save time and money, and unleash their human potential. Our vision is to power and empower millions of businesses with our software.

About Jibble Group

We're a scale-up in the Workforce Management space that has fully embraced remote work since 2017. Headquartered in London, UK.
 We launched and in 2016 and 2017 respectively. PayrollPanda has become Malaysia's leading cloud payroll software, and Jibble an award-winning time clock solution, each with thousands of paying customers.

About The Job

We're looking for an experienced back-end developer to contribute to the 2.0 version of Jibble, built on .NET Core. Your primary responsibility will be building key integrations to our Jibble 2.0 API such as Gusto, Intercom, Zenefits, Zapier and many others.

As part of an ambitious team you'll work with a cutting edge tech stack. Continuous learning and applying new and emerging technologies and methodologies make this an exciting opportunity for you to expand and deepen your skills on the job.

 Besides back-end development, you will be deeply involved in the design process - offering feedback and input in meetings with product managers and designers when planning new features and products. The position offers a competitive salary and a fully remote work environment.

Who we are looking for: 

  • At least 3+ years of commercial development experience
  •  At least 3+ years of .NET C# experience, preferably with .NET Core
  •  At least 2+ years of SQL experience, preferably with PostgreSQL and EF Core 5
  •  Experience with Message Broker (preferably RabbitMQ) and AWS Cloud is an advantage.
  •  Experience with OpenAPI standard.
  •  Experience working in remote teams is an advantage
  •  Agile (Kanban) software development experience
  •  Located within UTC - UTC+8 time zones
Your responsibilities will include:

  • Improving existing features of the product and work on new features as we continue to scale
  •  Ensuring code quality and standards while meeting deadlines and delivering targets set by the product team
  •  Working closely with product managers and data analysts to improve the overall product, the design team to improve the user experience, and front-end team for design implementation
Benefits and Perks:

  • Competitive salary package
  •  Fully remote work environment
  •  Flexible working hours
  •  Flexible annual leave policy
  •  Personal development budget
  •  Annual device reimbursement budget
Our Tech Stack and Tools:

  • Microservice API based on .NET Core 3.1
  •  Relational Database PostgreSQL
  •  Deployment on AWS Elastic Container Service
  •  Vue 2 with Composition API, fully typed using TypeScript
  •  Vuetify as Material Design framework
  •  UI/UX Designs in Figma
  •  Atlassian Jira for ticket sprint management
  •  Atlassian Confluence for written specifications and documentation
  •  Slack for any kind of team communication
Our Joel Test Score:

  • Source control
  •  One-step build
  •  Daily builds
  •  Bug database
  •  Fix bugs before writing new code
  •  Up-to-date schedule
  •  Specifications
  •  Quiet working conditions
  •  Best tools money can buy
  •  Testers
  •  Hallway usability testing

 To find out more about our recruitment process for this role, please click here (
 Salary: USD4,000 - USD5,000

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