Data Scientist – Generative AI

Denver, CO
$118,050 - $181,800 / Year 
Mid, Senior level

Job Description

Our compensation reflects the cost of labor across several U.S. geographic markets, and we pay differently based on those defined markets. The typical base pay range for this role across the U.S. is $118,050.00 - $181,800.00 annually with additional opportunities for pay in the form of bonus and/or equity. Pay within this range varies by work location and may also depend on job-related knowledge, skills, and experience. Your recruiter can share more about the specific salary range for the job location during the hiring process.

** Locations include Spring, Texas (preferred location), and US remote.

The Team

We are a growing centralized team helping HP take advantage of new AI/ML technology, especially around Generative AI and large language models. We engage with business units to advise and prototype solutions, and we develop and run software applications for internal use.

The Role

As a Data Scientist with a focus on Generative AI you will work on multiple engagements across HP involving large language models and other new Generative AI capabilities. Beyond our team, you will work with business stakeholders and developers from other business units. Your primary focus and mindset is to help deliver business solutions to our (mostly internal) customers. You are expected to stay up to date on important new Gen AI papers and releases, but note that this is not an AI research role.

Skills and Profile

  • Knowledge of data science and machine learning core skills.
  • Experience with NLP, Large Language Models, LLM prompt engineering, vector databases, Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG), and search engines.
  • Good computer science skills. Experience in a software development team is a big plus, especially with business applications in a cloud environment.
  • Tools you may use include Azure services such as Azure Machine Learning and Azure prompt flow, as well as python, langchain, streamlit, docker, git, and elastic search.
  • Some experience from a large complex organization is a plus.
  • Ability to participate in meetings with a multitude of stakeholders and communicate in a crisp manner. Mastery in English is required.
  • You enjoy explaining technical concepts (such as LLM's) to a non-technical audience.
  • You propose pragmatic solutions that are as simple as possible, which sometimes mean that no Gen AI component is necessary.
  • Interest in working in a distributed team with diverse backgrounds.
  • The recent AI progress is disruptive, and our team is in the midst of it. As a consequence, day-to-day priorities, tasks, and team structure may change rapidly. We are looking for somebody who thrives in such an environment. The role is not a fit if you value "business as usual".

Education and Length of Experience

Four-year or Graduate Degree in Mathematics, Statistics, Economics, Computer Science, Data Science, or any other related discipline or commensurate work experience or demonstrated competence.
Typically has 7-10 years of work experience, preferably in data analytics, statistical modeling, machine learning, or a related field.

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