Senior Software Engineer

$180,000 - $200,000 / Year 
Senior level

Job Description

Job Description

Join Panoptyc as a senior software engineer and become a cornerstone in our mission to "Protect What Matters" by leveraging AI to stop retail theft. You’ll be diving into a fast-paced environment where your work directly contributes to our ambitious goal of reaching 1 million locations by 2034. With a hands-on role in shaping our .NET-based backend and engaging frontend technologies, your contribution will be critical in scaling our systems to new heights. If you’re driven to make impactful decisions, eager to build with the latest tech, and thrive in iterating rapidly to create value, we want you on our team.


$180k-$200k USD

Role Responsibilities:

  • Architect and develop scalable back-end services using .NET 8 and C#, ensuring system can handle growing demands.

  • Collaborate in a dynamic team to refine and expand our Angular and Material UI front-end, enhancing user experience and interface.

  • Optimize and maintain our PostgreSQL database for performance and reliability.

  • Work with Redis, SendGrid, Airtable, Stripe, Snowflake, Bigquery and other services to support robust, scalable app functionality.

  • Drive continuous improvement by identifying system bottlenecks and redesigning legacy components for greater efficiency.

  • Engage in proactive problem-solving, proposing innovative solutions and enhancements.

  • Participate in code reviews, fostering a culture of quality and constructive feedback.

  • Share knowledge and mentor team members, elevating the team’s technical expertise.

  • Ensure the reliability and security of our applications, prioritizing customer trust.

  • Lead by example, embodying our core values through action and decision-making.

  • Act as a technical sounding board, contributing to strategic discussions around technology and product direction.

What You Need to be Successful

  • Need to have: 5+ years of Software Engineering

  • Need to have: Very smart, self-starter, independent, reliable, and an excellent problem solver

  • Nice to have: 2+ year of start up experience

  • Proven experience in building and scaling back-end services with .NET (versions 6-8), demonstrating a move from legacy systems to modern frameworks.

  • Expertise in Angular, Material UI, Flowbite, and Tailwind, with a portfolio of engaging web applications.

  • Strong foundation in database management, particularly PostgreSQL, and familiarity with Redis.

  • Experience integrating various services like SendGrid, Airtable, Stripe, Snowflake, BigQuery enhancing app functionality and user experience.

  • Demonstrated ability to lead projects and collaborate effectively in a small team remote environment.

  • A track record of rapid learning and applying new technologies to solve business problems.

  • Excellent communication skills, with the ability to articulate technical concepts clearly and be a persuasive advocate for best practices.

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