Full Stack Engineer

Job Type
Senior level

Job Description

About Credo
Credo’s mission is to make sure doctors can provide the best care to their patients. We believe that because of the regulatory changes (access to healthcare data), market changes (interest in preventative care), and technological changes (AI/ML) this is the only time where we can finally achieve the dream of a longitudinal health record.

Joining Credo this early means you’re going to play a huge part in guiding both the technical and cultural evolution of this company. It's also worth noting that your impact won't be theoretical – our roster of paying customers attests to the tangible strides we're already making. You’ll be joining a dedicated team of some of the most talented individuals including Carm Huntress (the former CEO of Arrive Health), an ex-NASA engineer, an ex-DeepMind engineer, and an ex-Pivot.

Position Summary
Together we’re going to face the hardest technical and domain challenges this field has to offer. As the company grows you’ll be the expert that everyone looks towards for guidance. You’ll be balancing architectural decisions that come with a fast paced early startup such as “how performant does this service really have to be” or “how decoupled does this service need to be”. We believe everyone is a 10x engineer when they’re passionate about the problems they’re solving and love the people they’re working with

Areas of Responsibility

  • Tackling the most interesting (and difficult) problems at the intersection of healthcare, data, and positive patient outcomes
  • Working on a balanced team with a researcher, product designer, and technical PM
  • Owning our most important technical decisions tradeoffs
  • Defining and scoping green-field projects that move the company forward
  • Serving as a cultural pillar of the team
  • Navigating a fast-moving, highly competitive landscape

Ideal Qualifications for this Position

  • An engineering background with at least 3 years of engineering experience
  • Proven experience working with offshore teams and communicating across time zones
  • Well versed in Django, Python, Typescript, and Google Cloud. Eager to dive into the broader depths of our tech stack:
  • Django: Powering our web servers
  • Vue 3 / Nuxt: Driving our frontend framework
  • Postgres: Serving as our primary database
  • Python: Used as our backend language
  • Celery: Handling our task queue
  • Typescript: Empowering our frontend language
  • Google Cloud: Serving as our expansive object/file store
  • Render: Fueling our PaaS
  • HL7 C-CDA and FHIR: Guiding our data formats

Other Important Information about this Position

  • This role is predominantly remote, requiring occasional visits to our Denver, Colorado office for quarterly on-site meetings.
  • The ability to work productively and without interruption or distraction during Mountain Time business hours is essential.
  • Every position requires certain physical capabilities. Credo seeks to make reasonable accommodations that enable individuals with disabilities to perform essential duties when possible.
  • Equal employment opportunity is a fundamental principle at Credo. We are committed to a work environment in which relationships are characterized by dignity, courtesy, and respect. We are committed to nondiscrimination in all business operations.
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