Junior Data Scientist

Reston, VA
Job Type
Junior, Senior level

Job Description

Be a part of a Data Analysis team - implement new systems and support existing core. Ability to learn the business of our commercial, federal government, and healthcare clients from the ground up. Build a career on a strong foundation and lastly, be valued as a FORCE MULTIPLIER.


  • You have a background in data science and enjoy teaching and explaining to others both the theory and practical application behind the methodologies your utilizing
  • You are a wizard with extracting data from varied sources, and bringing to bear cutting-edge algorithms and techniques on that data – but most importantly, you are detail oriented and have the ability to audit your own work.
  • The ideal candidate should have experience with KNIME and a good understanding of machine learning
  • The main tasks will include the creation of workflows for various projects, troubleshooting performance issues, optimizing workflows for large datasets, and providing guidance on how to handle large datasets efficiently
  • Proficient in creating documentation related to design documents, testing, handover and walk-through documents
  • Excellent analytical, interpersonal and leadership skills along with excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Knowledge of Data Ethics and Privacy: Understanding of data privacy laws (like GDPR) and ethical considerations in data science.
  • Knowledge of cloud platforms, such as AWS or Azure, and experience working with big data technologies are desirable
  • Proficiency in programming languages such as Python ( 1 to 2 Years) or R ( 1 to 2 Years) for data manipulation, analysis, and modeling
  • Bachelor's degree in Data Science, Computer Science, Statistics, or a related field
  • Desire to take ownership and run the show end to end
  • 2+ experience working on Data Analytics platforms like Alteryx, Altair, RapidMiner, Knime etc, including developing and creating workflows
  • Ability to work under pressure and meet tight deadlines
  • Experience with data preprocessing, feature engineering, and data cleaning techniques.
  • Basic knowledge of SQL for data querying and manipulation
  • Knowledge of HIPAA, GDPR, CPRA, and other data privacy regulations
  • Collaborating and communicating effectively with multiple teams
  • Willing to learn and implement new technologies
  • Working as a team player


  • Assist in data collection, preprocessing, and cleaning to ensure data quality and usability for analysis.
  • Perform exploratory data analysis to identify patterns, trends, and relationships in the data.
  • Assist in developing and maintaining data pipelines and workflows for data ingestion, transformation, and analysis
  • Stay abreast of the latest data science techniques, tools, and methodologies, and apply them to enhance analytics capabilities.
  • Collaborate with data engineering and IT teams to ensure seamless integration and availability of data for analysis.
  • Contribute to the development and improvement of data science workflows and best practices.
  • Document and communicate the methodology, assumptions, and limitations of data models and analyses.
  • Data Quality Assurance: Regularly check data sources for integrity and accuracy.

**This is a 100% Onsite position and we prefer Local Candidates**

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